Low power DSP platform

Our Low power DSP platform was designed for applications where low power consumption is a key feature. For this purpose we used parts which offer highest processing power per mW of power consumption. That is why our system can run on many hours on single battery. To make this device even more functional we included a Xilinx CPLD device for user defined functionality. The system offers a support for high resolution LCD screen and external communication interfaces for simple user interface access.

Key system features:

  • Fully programmable low power TMS320VC5416 DSP processor and MSP430F135 microcontroller
  • On board Xilinx CPLD with dedicated 2MB RAM for user defined functionality
  • High resolution LCD support
  • 512 MB of NAND Flash for user data
  • High quality audio codec
  • Supports external peripherals over USB and PS2 interfaces

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