Advanced Hardware Systems is specializing in delivery of tailor-made hardware and software solutions for unique needs of our customers. Out team consists of passionate and skilled engineers offering a strong support in research and development of wide range of products. We are applying state of the art solutions and components to deliver innovative and powerful products today. We are successfully collaborating with leading research facilities in exchanging our knowledge and expertise.

Our main focus is a proof of concept hardware development in a cost effective way. Our portfolio of products includes digital and analog signal processing platforms for telecommunication and laboratory use. We have a perfect understanding of  an architecture of the embedded systems with real time operating systems. We offer an custom programmable logic solutions for high speed data exchange and processing.

Over the years our team gained experience in:

  • Research and development of hardware systems in a digital and analog domain
  • Low-level software and firmware development
  • Development of digital components using Hardware Description Language for programmable logic
  • Integration and verification of HW and SW components

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