AMC Baseband card

Designed to support evaluation and development of next generation telecommunication standards and laboratory systems. Includes a set of high speed DAC and ADC converters for real time signal conversion and a powerful FPGA for data processing. The system can communicate with an external world using high speed serial interfaces supporting various protocols.

High precision Digiltal PLL AMC clock board

This card is a flexible solution for synchronization and clocking of various telecommunication and laboratory equipment in a simple way. The AMC form factor makes this card perfectly fit to an existing telecommunication environment for network synchronization purposes.

Window CE based DSP platform

Our standalone double core platform with a support for Windows CE operating system is a perfect choice for demanding applications which require high DSP processing power. The system provides access to a rich set of peripherals including a high resolution touch screen, an Ethernet controller and audio codec.

Low power DSP platform 

One of trends currently dominating market is a need for low power consumption systems which can operate for several hours on a single battery. For this purpose we designed a device based on components with lowest power consumption while delivering high computing performance per mW.


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