Windows CE DSP platform

Our Window CE based DSP platform is a ready to use solution for products where user interface functionality and high processing power is the key feature. The rich set of interface options with the user makes this platform perfect for various digital media players or terminals. The second DSP core can be used for time consuming calculations limited impact on the operating system performance running on the ARM core.

Key system features:

  • Double core OMAP5912 processor (ARM9 and C55x DSP)
  • Designed for Windows CE and Linux
  • High resolution LCD support with a touch screen controller
  • 64 MB of DDR SDRAM of system memory and 512 MB of NAND Flash for user data
  • 100 MB Ethernet
  • High quality audio codec
  • Supports external peripherals over USB and PS2 or serial RS232 interfaces
  • Interface for CompactFlash and SecureDigital memory cards

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