High precision Digital PLL AMC clock card is a flexible solution for synchronization and clocking of various telecommunication and laboratory equipment in a simple way. The AMC form factor makes it perfectly fit to an existing telecommunication equipment environment. The card configuration can be done in run-time over an remote Ethernet connection accessible from the front panel.  The on-board AD9548 Digital PLLs can generate two independent reference clocks with frequency and phase aliment to external clock or 1PPS signal from internal GPS retriever. Additionally every DPLL clock output has an  independent  frequency divider. This features makes this card useful in the applications where a synchronization of multiple sites and components is required.

Key features of the card:

  • Two independent fully digital PLLs (AD9548) capable of generating various output clock frequencies
  • High frequency stability of DPLL output clock based on Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO)
  • Configuration by a HTTP Website accessible over Ethernet connection
  • Independent setting of frequency dividers for all clock outputs
  • Frequency and phase aliment to 1PPS signal generated by an internal GPS retriever
  • Frequency and phase aliment to external clock reference
  • Standalone operation


  • Synchronization of LTE-A/WiMAX Base stations
  • Collaborative MIMO Networks
  • High precision clock generation
  • Synchronization of laboratory equipment



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