Out Baseband card offers an easy and compact way of converting digital signals into analog domain and vice versa. The heart of the card is a powerful Spartan-6 FPGA and a set of DAC/ADC converters. The data can be exchanged with other systems over a high speed serial interface supporting popular standards like CPRI/OBSAI or Ethernet. The real-time conversion capabilities make this card a perfect choice for wireless transceiver modules or general purpose signal generator/acquisition systems.

Key features of the card:

  • Four high-speed 14 bit differential DACs with sample rate up to 128MSPS
  • Four high-speed 12 bit differential ADCs with sample rate up to 64MSPS
  • Six auxiliary DACs and four ADCs controlled over SPI
  • Spartan-6 XC6SLX150T FPGA with high speed serial lines routed to card’s backplane and SFP slot
  • Possibility to use optical interface over SFP slot on front panel
  • 36 FPGA GPIO lines routed out for easy user access
  • On-board PLL with customizable VCO
  • Synchronization with external master clock source

For the purpose of telecommunication systems the card can be configured to support two antenna MIMO systems with 40Mhz bandwidth communicating with the external word over an optical interface.

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